I have had my my Motorola Droid for a few months now, and I am very happy with it! It is amazing what it can do. Sure there are some issues I have with it, such as bluetooth support is not very clean, cut and paste is so cumbersome that it is useless, there is a lot of media types that aren’t supported, you ca’t accept meeting request, etc…

But all the stuff that can be done is quite amazing gmail works well, my work email works well through imap, navigation works well, and getting better all the time, Listen works to stream podcasts, Flixter movie app works pretty well, you can find any movie add it to your netflix queue, or buy tickets to see it. Google Sky is amazing, geo caching is almost too easy with this (though I only have looked for one cache so far). Being able to ssh/vnc from my phone is awesome! Even Allie likes to draw on it. I am happy every time an app has an update, because I know it is going to get better.

When I heard that there is going to be a new OS upgrade I was quite excited I am anxious to see more voice support. The current voice recognition work pretty well, though it is pretty limited to searching.
I am hoping I am one of the early people picked to get the update.

Anyways I just felt like blabbing about my phone and I am excited about getting more updates πŸ™‚