My back issues.. I have been having some pain for nearly a year, the last few months it was hurting a lot, and going down my leg. I looked things up online and found out it was sciatic nerves getting pinched. I tried some stretching. But ended up going to a local chiropractor.

The first time after leaving the chiropractor I wasn’t sure I could walk! but by the next morning I felt a lot better, still some pain, but more mobile. I also noticed the more active I was the less it hurt. I got some Sketcher Shape-Ups that seemed to make it easier to stand up, they also make me feel a bit taller 😉

The pain started becoming more consistent, mostly hurting when I first stand up. I started taking naproxen (Alieve) which seemed help…

After about a month, and little change the chiropractor sent me in for a lower lumbar MRI. It showed a medium protrusion of the disc between L4 and L5, a bulging disk.

I went to see an orthopedic surgeon he checked everything and recommended getting a cortisone shot to coat the inflamed nerve.

I went and got my cortisone shot, which was rather odd, it was a little bit of a dull needle going into my back, but then when they pushed the cortisone in, I felt shooting pain all the way to my toes for about 30 seconds. I hadn’t realized it, but they had an anesthetic mixed with it, so my leg didn’t hurt for the rest of the day, but it took a few hours until I could walk normal again, it wanted to fall out from under me!

That was on Wednesday, Thursday was okay pretty much the same as always, Friday seemed to be a bit better, though I was very busy so my activity might have helped. This morning I am back on naproxen some more. We will see how things go. I am hoping the cortisone will kick in and give me some relief for at least a few months.