Well a couple weeks ago a I downloaded and installed the 2.2 update.  There is a lot of new fancy features.  With a bit of work I got flash working… not that I like it, but I can navigate flash only sites now..  bluetooth now seems to work properly with my jabra speaker!  I think I might start using it again 🙂   voice search came out last week and seems similar but more comeplete the the voice search found in the car dock screen.  Speaking of the car dock, both dock screens have been improved.

The car dock screen is not as pretty, but a bit more user friendly with larger buttons…  The desk dock now is prettier, has a dim button which is nice for bedside.  It then goes to a screensaver mode which is dimmer still but only shows the time… I kind of lick seeing everything so I can see if I missed a message without touching the phone. But the dimmer nightlight seems to be a decent tradeoff.

The worst thing about the update is battery life. I need to charge nearly twice a day, if I don’t charge it at work, it will be close do dieing when I get home.

Overall the new functionallity is awesome, and feels much more robust, and so long as I have a charger nearby I can deal with the battery issues.