Well since it has been quite a while since I posted and my last post was about an android update I figure I might as well post about my latest.

I now have a Motorola Droid Bionic. It has been pretty good, I do miss the physical keyboard that my old Droid had and it looks like it still has Motorola’s crappy camera app. I think the camera app will make me choose and HTC or Samsung phone next. But let’s get to the point here.

After the 5.5.893 update I decided to root my phone for a few reasons. I wanted to do full backups, use Cisco AnyConnect VPN, change themes/icons, and get rid of bloat ware. Full backups  have now been useful, I still need to update our Cisco ASA license to allow mobile devices, but changing the icons and removing bloat ware doesn’t seem to help much. When using Rom Toolbox to remove pre-installed apps, most (though it seems like not all) show up in the Market as needing updates. So it is kind of like they are still there. As for changing the themes/icons I think that made my OTA Update fail for 5.9.902.

When my phone notified my that the OTA Update for 5.9.902 is available I started the download, then let it install, after about 10 seconds the icon got a little “!” on it then rebooted with a “Software update failed” pop-up. Searching the web it seems like most answers to download and reinstall a 5.5.893 ROM and whipe everything out. I ended up restoring my first backup after I rooted (which was from 1/3/2012) after which the OTA Update installed successfully.  At that point most of my apps had updates, and the few apps that I have that have data such as aCar (a mileage log app) only had info up to 1/3/2012…  So the lesson I learned is that if I am going to restore, I should do an app backup first so that I can restore and current data that I would need.  The next thing I did after all the apps were updated was take a fresh backup in case I have any other issues for the next update (hopefully Ice Cream Sandwich will be coming soon).