SaveUp Logo   SaveUp is  a site that was designed to help make saving money and reducing debt more fun.  I have been playing with SaveUp for about 3 months now. I have not won the Grand $2 Million Dollar prize (nobody has yet), or even any money.  But I have won a lot of credit for playing more games.  A Co-Worker that I got hooked on SaveUp has won $50.

The way it works is you setup your accounts (store your login and passwords for home banking) with SaveUp.  I did a lot of looking into to it see if it seemed scammy, but I couldn’t find anything too evil.   SaveUp will then give you credits for every dollar you save and for all the debit you pay down.  The credits can then be used to play games, most are Instant where you can choose to play one of three games of chance.  There are also weekly drawings worth roughly $100 each, and the Monthly $2,000,000.00 drawing!

Each day you are given 3 plays.  It takes 1 play and 10 credits to play any of the games or enter a drawing. You can get extra play each day for inviting 5 friends that also sign up.  (Up to a max of 5 plays per day). Each day you can also use 100 credits to buy an additional play for that day up to a max of 5 additional plays in any single day.  This will definitely eat through credits fast.

You can also Suggest and Vote on items for the next weeks Weekly Drawings.  Doing so, as well as playing games, publishing winnings, and inviting friends to use the site all help you earn what the call XP.  You can’t do anything with XP but when you reach certain levels you get a chunk of credits and extra plays.

So while I still haven’t won anything significant, I am still excited to have the chance of winning, without having to spend money to do so.  Actually saving money to win money is a pretty interesting concept and I thought I would like to share this site to everyone.