Let’s see… Second day of school and we get the first and supposedly biggest fund-raiser of the year!  The Opstad Walk-A-Thon will be held on September 27th.  There will be lots of prizes for those with the most collections. Prizes range from Toys ‘R Us gift certificates to limo ride to McDonald’s for a special lunch!

Allie ready for school

Allie ready for her first day of school

Don’t you want to help her win a lunch at McDonald’s?

You can sponsor Allie in one of two ways:

  • Per Lap Pledge – Collected after the Walk-A-Thon when you know how many laps were walked.
  • Flat Pledge – Collected at time of Pledge

Donations can be made as checks made out to “Opstad PTA” or taken on line using the PayPal link below.  Please let us know via email if you make a pledge online, so we can add it to her the list on her envelope.  Also if you pledge online make sure that the pledge is for Allie Cummins so she can get credit for it.