I have am trying to get caught up on posting pictures to our gallery, so I have uploaded a bunch of pictures from last thanksgiving.   My parents were in town for a while, my sister came up for a few days, and Tera’s parents made it up for Thanksgiving.  The most people we have had for thanksgiving yet!


Well  I read up on how much energy can be saved by using CFLs Looking at our kitchen, living room and Family room, we have about 24 bulbs that are all 65 watt R30 recessed lighting.  Switching them out to 15 watts a piece seemed like a no brainer.

So we went to Costco, got some that were on sale.  Our kitchen is not on a dimmer, but the other rooms are, so we got some that were dim-able.

I started with the kitchen as they were the cheaper ones, there are 7 sockets in our kitchen, I turned off the lights and put all the new CFL bulbs in.  I turned them on, and it was pretty dim in there, but gradually over 5 to 10 minutes it kept getting brighter and brighter! Soon it was much brighter than with the old bulbs! Tera seems to think too bright!

I decided to try the dim-able bulbs in the living room, as they tend to get left on a lot.  They too started off pretty dim, but got brighter and brighter.  They ended up being significantly brighter than the originals, which works okay for a room that we complain about being too dark.  The issue is when I tried to dim them, they don’t go very dim before a couple of them go out or flicker, this is only about a third of the way down the sliding Lutron dimmer switch.  I tried leaving them at the lowest amount that they all stayed on, and I cam back and one of the ones that tends to flicker early on is already dead!

I am not quite sure these things are ready, the dimming barely works, and the amount of time to get from flipping the switch on, to a decent amount of light is in the minutes range!  Sure I might be saving money but at what costs…

Tera had mentioned she wanted something she could post a blog on, and well looks like everyone and their mother’s dog uses WordPress…

So I  am setting this up and maybe she will like it, maybe she won’t we shall see!  I think if I get it set up well, she will like it.


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