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Coin Review

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I heard about coin from from a co-worker.  Coin claims to be an electronic card that can hold the information of any magstripe card, such as debit cards, credit cards, ATM cards, some store loyalty cards, and there is potential for some hotel keys as well.  While the Android/iOS phone app holds all your card […]

   SaveUp is  a site that was designed to help make saving money and reducing debt more fun.  I have been playing with SaveUp for about 3 months now. I have not won the Grand $2 Million Dollar prize (nobody has yet), or even any money.  But I have won a lot of credit for […]

Now that I have been using a smart phone for a while now, I am seeing the need for mobile friendly websites.  What I don’t like though is having to maintain two complete sites.  So I decided to update myself on CSS and JavaScript and learn how to setup a site that detects the browser […]

Well since it has been quite a while since I posted and my last post was about an android update I figure I might as well post about my latest. I now have a Motorola Droid Bionic. It has been pretty good, I do miss the physical keyboard that my old Droid had and it […]

Well a couple weeks ago a I downloaded and installed the 2.2 update.  There is a lot of new fancy features.  With a bit of work I got flash working… not that I like it, but I can navigate flash only sites now..  bluetooth now seems to work properly with my jabra speaker!  I think […]

It has been over two weeks since I had my bulging disc surgically repaired.  At first I had very little pain, the sciatic issues disappeared as soon as I woke up.  I did have pressure at the surgery site though.  After a while the was significant swelling, a little bit of sciatic pain was returning. […]

My back issues.. I have been having some pain for nearly a year, the last few months it was hurting a lot, and going down my leg. I looked things up online and found out it was sciatic nerves getting pinched. I tried some stretching. But ended up going to a local chiropractor. The first […]

Droid Update


I have had my my Motorola Droid for a few months now, and I am very happy with it! It is amazing what it can do. Sure there are some issues I have with it, such as bluetooth support is not very clean, cut and paste is so cumbersome that it is useless, there is […]

Well  I read up on how much energy can be saved by using CFLs Looking at our kitchen, living room and Family room, we have about 24 bulbs that are all 65 watt R30 recessed lighting.  Switching them out to 15 watts a piece seemed like a no brainer. So we went to Costco, got some that […]

Trying out WordPress, let’s see if Tera likes it


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